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    2000 Virage tx 1200 won't turn off when the key was out. Or start it w/o key

    Hello K447,

    I really really need help. Thanks in advance for any advice. I have 2000 Virage TX 1200, I could start it without the key which is a no no. Please advice how to wire it properly, Never have a problem until after turn it on a month ago. I'm new, I don't how to get back to this thread once, I log out. [email protected]


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    sounds like the dreaded cdi jumper wire is needed.

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    Posts moved to a new thread to avoid confusion.

    What do you mean by 'key'?

    The engine should NEVER start when the lanyard is not in place. It may crank but it should not have spark and should not start without the lanyard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Posts moved to a new thread to avoid confusion.

    What do you mean by 'key'?

    The engine should NEVER start when the lanyard is not in place. It may crank but it should not have spark and should not start without the lanyard.
    Hi K447, In 2013 I took it to the local yamaha PWC to estimate (No Polaris PWC service in my area). They told me to replace a bunch of circuits in the electrical box and labor, it would cost more than the PWC itself. I had work and finance issues, so I washed, dried, fogged oil, drained fuel and storage in my garage since. I took it out last month, cleaned it, replace new 2cycle oil and filled gas and bought a brand new battery. It now kept on cranking without running as soon as I connect the battery and without lanyard nor pressing any button. The only way I could top cranking is to disconnect the battery. Here's what I have from the electrical box: LR-505 (401 0304);P.V.L. (P.N. 4010379 has 1074 hand written on it); Ignition Coil (P.N. 4010342). Yamaha maintain it for a few years until I can't afford to repair it. But after much reading, I think it might be the LR-505, but not sure about the P.V.L. (4010304). Any help to get this piece of family joy for many years back on the water again would be greatly appreciated. I'm blind without any instructions on how to test LR-505 or CDI (P.N. 4010379). Where could I get the repair manual for 2000 virage TX 1200?. Many thanks. Larry.

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    Cranking constantly with no input from the start button usually means the starter solenoid is internally corroded. There are 3 versions.
    Metal backing plate black body.... replace.
    Metal backing plate brown body..... better.
    All black plastic construction..... best at the moment.
    Start there an see how it goes.
    The repair manuals can be found for free by clicking on K447 signature and digging through the many links.

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    Thank you so much Brian and K447. Please explain a bit more detail, so I could catch up. I'm still a newbie. Thanks again Gents.

    I'll open the starter solenoid this afternoon. Is it the part with 2 red thick cables, one comes from the battery positive post?.

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    I took out the black solenoid with metal backing plate. It looks very clean and no corrosion from the outside. It has 6.1 ohms between 2 little pins (start/stop switch?). Both of these 2 little pins are also shorted when measured for continuity. I guest it should be replaced as suggested (with metal backing plate).

    I'm searching and will order it tomorrow. Any suggestion on where to order is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Just ordered it. Will hook it up and see next week. It's still warm in Utah, if I don't respond it means I have too much fun on the lake after out of action for the last few years. After reading a bunch about my 2000 Virage TX issue (1200 CC with 150 hours), you guys were dead on and I couldn't believe the quick support I got from you both. All I can say is thanks millions. Larry.

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