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    Another Supercharger Question

    This is probably a Stupid question, but wondering if you can remove the Supercharger and block off the hole and run it without for a short period of time. Reason is I pulled the SC and it appears to have some wear. The nut on the end was loose. The needle bearings appear to all be there along with the washers(Spring and clutch). Didn't know if they make a bolt on block off to the SC? I want to make sure there is no engine issues before buying a new SC and installing it or sending off for a rebuild. Does anyone know of anyone that has run a SC unit without the SC?? Thanks.... 2004 SC

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    I've never tried it myself, but have heard of it being done. Oil will leak from the hole. One guy told me he made a clear plastic block off plate to cover it.

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    I have never tried it but do not see why it cannot be done. Performance will suffer greatly, since it is now naturally aspirated, and not supercharged. Also the supercharged engines have lower compression pistons than the naturally aspirated engines so HP will be far less that a compirable naturally aspirated engine.

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    Wouldn't it run really rich also?

    If so, might foul the plugs.

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