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    did i get lucky? gpr sitting since 2006

    Well i picked up a pair of skis on a double trailer. One was a 2002 gp1200r with 28.2 original hours. Supposedly they were fogged and had stabil added to the fuel before being tucked away. Now the other ski (waveraider) was a mess as stated in another thread. But a fresh battery, 5 mins of cranking and a shot of ether was all it took to get the gpr running. I took it to the gas station andthe filled it up with fresh gas and so far im at 30.8 hours with no problems at all with a best top speed run of 65 mph (speedo) with my wife on the back. I did notice some oil in the hull after the last run, i checked the lines they all seem attached but i havent pulled the exhaust off yet. Im not sure how i got so lucky i was expecting gummed up lines and carbs. It was fogged though i had a pretty nice smoke show in my driveway!

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    Sounds like a good find. I would definitely find where the oil is coming from before I ran it again. It's almost impossible to see the oil lines with the exhaust on. There are 3 places per line for it to come apart. At the carb, at the oil pump, or in the middle at the check valve. If you filled the oil tank up too much, it could also have leaked at the filler neck to tank connection or the vent. Hopefully it's that. If the line came off at the carbs, you would just have to take the stinger off. If it's at the check valves, oil pump or supply line, the whole exhaust and air box would have to come out.

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    Other than cylinder #1, how did you inspect the other oil line fittings at the carbs without taking the exhaust off? Does the GPR have good visibility versus the XLT?
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    Awesome find!! Get it running on pre-mix for sure and to remove the CAT Converter.

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    And wave eaters

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    Yea i did alot of research on this ski before i bought it so im aware of the common issues. Thats why i new to check the lines i can see them on the #1 cylinder and #3. Compression test showed 118 118 and 115, 115 being the pto cylinder so its a bit weak. Plugs look perfect, but ill be pulling the exhaust off and clamping the lines and checking all the powervalves. I will be ordering waveaters soon!

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