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    2001 XR1800 piston and ring recommendations?

    Not being a particularly mechanical guy I had a friend check out my boat and make sure we're all good to go, etc. One of the things he did was to give it a compression test and said it was pretty low and recommended I replace the pistons and rings. We can do the work, (by which I mean he'll do the work and I'll feed him beer) but I need to get the parts and here is where I run in to trouble, as I have no idea what I'm doing. I have found kits like this: but they don't specifically say the same model year, but I think the 2000 and 2001 are the same engine. I didn't see anything at but I might not know what to look for either..

    Is this pretty much what I need?

    One of my slightly complicating factors is that of course I didn't do anything about it a month ago but now I want it done so I can use it. Naturally.

    Any thoughts or help greatly appreciated!

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    i would open up the motor first as the jet boats tend to have bigger problems than just rings (scarring on cylinder walls etc ) when you get into the motor and you no what you need then start ordering parts i would stick with the oem rings from Yamaha as they work grate

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    Thanks, looks like thats what I'll do!

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