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    CP piston,ring problem

    Good day! was held at the CP pistons 40 minutes after the removal I noticed this. The piston of the second cylinder, bit the top compression ring! what does it happen? look carefully, places sticking points on the ring around the entire circumference.
    and tell me the locatioClick image for larger version. 

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Name:	??????????? 200.jpg 
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ID:	301566n of locks and how to install the rings on the piston stock?
    remove the ring from the piston I had to sweat, so as not to break it!
    YoursClick image for larger version. 

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    I'm going to try to understand you I know your English is not the best. From what I understand is the ring is wearing hard as to it almost creating a heat sticking effect. You need to check all the rings for proper gap I believe you do not have enough clearance on that Ring therefore the ring tips will butt and of course make excessive wear. In order to not guess on my opinion take the rings and you can first start off with the ring in question and set it in the cylinder in this case #2 at its lowest point and get a measurement on gap. You can refer to Carrillo's gap chart, I would also recommend now that you have it apart to recheck the bores with a bore gauge just to be on safe side.

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    What did you set your piston end gap at?

    Hopefully you didn't just install the rings without filing the end gaps?

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    The clearance of the ring is perfect! adhesion over the entire circumference of the ring. it is not deformed! I just could not install the piston ring with another, it can not fit into the groove


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    Dumb question/s here you are using a piston ring expander? The rings are in the right orientation? Also are you trying to refit after the disassembly and inspection?

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    on all three pistons rings are installed the same way! two pistons in perfect condition! All gaps rings on all the pistons are identical.
    All cylinders are machined and honed in one size!
    * the only problem with the second piston. I took off with the other piston ring it is in perfect condition and could not put it in the piston problem!


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