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    94 slt 750 no pick up

    So first.... I'm new to the PWC world rode with my dad when I was a kid on the original Kawasaki stand up jet ski but that's it! So I bought a pair of skis on a trailer running and floating for $1,800 a 93 SL 750 and a 94 SLT 750. Soy question is, what can I do to get them to "hook up" better outta the hole? Both run great the problem is when I take off from a stop the engine revs but it takes a second for it to really pick up. I already checked the pump no blockage and resealed the ride plate. Is there a better impeller I can get that's better on the low end?

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    Welcome to the Hulk! Lots of information to read up on here. There are multiple maintenance items you will want to do prior to riding to ensure prevention of a burn down.

    To address your question, I would first check your impeller to wear ring clearance. As debris is sucked through the pump, the impeller edges can get worn down creating a greater than desired clearance. 20 thousandths is the wear limit. Need to replace the impeller and/or wear ring to correct this.

    What impeller is on it now??

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