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    installing primer kit have a quick question

    so I am getting around to install my primer kit from island racing. carl did my carbs at the time so the fittings and clear hose is already ran. I ran the hose to the out on the plunger from the carbs. my question is where do I run the in from the plunger. I see that I have a 1.8 brass t but confused where to run it to?

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    some people say to run it to the reserve line close to the tank. I have tried this method and while it works, it sucks when 2 yrs down the road the seals go bad in your primer, and you get air in the lines causing all kinds of b.s. problems.

    my preferred method is putting the t in right after the last carb in the beginning of the return line. Ive always been able to pull enough fuel from here to make it work, plus, when your plunger leaks it dosnt leave you with a broken down/poor running ski.

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    One method to successfully use the reserve line is to place a check valve in the line between the tee and the primer plunger. A check valve such as the ones used in the oil injection lines works great, and actually seems to make the primer work better. Be sure the tee is a full-line size thru for the reserve line so as to not starve the engine when on reserve. It should have a 1/4 x 1/4 x 1/8 tee, or a all 1/4 tee with a 1/4 to 1/8 reducer for the small primer line.

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