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    Just bought my first ski!

    Whats up yall. New to the site and jet skis in genreal road a lot but never owned one. Just bought a 92 kawasaki 750 ss and its in great shapen just needs repainting and i have painted a few things before just never anything like this. Just wonder what is the best way of going about it? I understand prep work is vital but my concern is what kind of paint type and brand name. If i could get any help would be greatley appreciated! And one more thing the is one spot towards the front of the ski that is done to the weave of the carbon fiber what is the best filler for that?

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    I would not worry about painting right away. It is an older ski, how would you feel is you spent a lot of time and or money painting, and it needs an engine. Make sure you get the spot fixed right. A lot of people will tell you you can use some sort of epoxy to fix. I think the correct way is to get someone to do it the correct way. My new 1100 STX are in the shop getting the bottom redone right now. Get that spot fixed before hitting the water.

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    Welcome aboard, James! Congratulations on the new 'Ski!

    I'm with Keith, it won't cost much to have a pro fix it properly so water doesn't get into the FIBER GLASS weave and cause more damage. You can paint it later, if you desire. I'd put money into fuel and repairs/upgrades for the time being. Don't spend a lot of money on it, it's only worth about $600.

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