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    installing hole shot mod have a quick question

    so im getting to install the plate on the jet pump right now. I have the stealth mod also. my question is there is a hose that comes off the transom plate and into the pump. am I suppose to remove that hose and put it on the new tapped plate?

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    Bump! Can anyone tell me please if that hose from te transom plate goes to the plumped plate on the pump?

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    Many holeshot kit installations recommend removal of the passive bilge system hoses (inside the boat) and use of that nipple on the transom plate to, as you asked, feed the water from the newly-installed nipple on the pump to the water valve (and block off the old bilge nipple on pump). Others dont like to remove the bilge system and go ahead and drill a new hole in the transom plate specifically for the hose from the pump. The kits provide a thru-hull fitting for this purpose and provide instructions as to where to drill. Did you not get intructions with your kit?

    Also, do a quick search on here or on the net in general for "gp1200 holeshot kit". Warning - there are about 3-4 variants of this install, so you have to decide how you want to do it. Very simple concept though.

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    I drilled 2 holes in the transom, one to feed the water and the other to dump the pipe before the mod blank plate. That way you don't have to remove the bilge which works pretty well, and cut any other hoses. Seems to be pretty stealthy to me since the holes are all in the transom area and not highly visible.
    Like Showme stated, do a search for the various methods of install. They do vary.

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    I tried searching for the method I need. I have the stealth y fitting as well. can someone please send me the link to the method I need it would be greatly appreciated!

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    You dont get any product support from the company that sold you all them go fast parts?


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