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    WR500f dies when warms

    hey guys, very new to the pwc world. took the carb apart on my 89 wr500 to clean it(was working fine just did it for preventive maintenance) got it put back together couldn't get it to run. pulled carb back apart and replaced the bottom diaphragm(closest to the carb body) because it had been pinched during rebuild of carb. Got it back together and put it in the pond for a run. it will run for about a minute until it warms up then bog out and die, and will not re start until it is left to cool.

    Tried new plugs gapped to 0.024, new fuel filter. Anyone have any idea what might be going on? i feel as though it is a carb problem because it had no issues until i cleaned the carb.

    Any ideas??

    thanks guys.

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    it sounds like you are running out of fuel. I would go back and re-clean all of the passages and put a rebuild kit in it (im assuming you reused the old gaskets). Consult a diagram to make sure you have everything in the exact order/direction as stated in the diagram. It is easy to put something in the wrong place or put something in incorrectly and cause issues. Not to insult you but make sure you hooked your fuel lines back up correctly as well, it sucks when you put the return line on the intake side of the carb or put a fuel line onto a pulse fitting.

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    no offense taken, ive rebuilt tons of keihein 4 stroke atv carbs but never any mikuni bn's. Upon closer inspection i had put an extra gasket under the check valve in the carb. took that out and now shes running great!

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