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    Should I use locktite?

    '92 750ss. It is my first ski. Was given to me by a friend. Supposedly ran fine but would fill with water. I tinkered with it a bit and found the exhaust union to have a gaping hole in it. I fixed that and was wondering If i should use thead locker on reassembly

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    Did you fix the cause of the hole? I.e., it's not getting enough water flow through it to cool it.

    Use blue LocTite.

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    Yes, was a massive failure of the union. I put a new one in and she runs great. She just vibrates the bolts loose.

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    What Steve was saying is that the hole was caused by something did you fix the reason the coupler got a hole in it. For high vibration you can use blue loctite or RTV (which is what I use on almost everything)


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    Yes, was very poor maintenance on a ski used mainly in salt water. Put a new union, muffler and water box and that seems to have it licked.

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    You are very smart. I have question. If the spark plugs are pulled from my STX-15. The power is on and the lanyard key is attached. I push the start button and nothing happens. Is that normal? The battery is fully charged.

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