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    05 GP1300R Questions

    Hi Everyone,
    Sorry for posting such a noob question but I searched and was unable to locate an answer.

    I recently purchased an 05 GP1300R and runs great. Guy stated the ski is set up for pre-mix. He used Yamalube 2W to have a 50:1 ratio.

    Parts the GP1300 has installed:
    Pre-Mix Setup.

    I recently wanted to do a pre-check before taking it out.
    I discovered the Oil Tank is still present with the line going into the tank. The Tank currently has 1/4 or so of oil in there.

    Correct me if I am wrong but isnt a pre-mix set up where you just mix the oil with the gas and fill it into the gas tank?

    Reading through the threads it seems everyone either disconnects the line or removes the oil tank completely??
    Can it be disconnected another way?
    What should I look for?

    I appreciate your help guys and apologize in advance.

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    take a look at the front of the engine close to the fuel tank to see if the pump still present. sometimes people make short cuts and just remove a piece in between the pump and the crank and leave the pump attach in order to save few bucks on the block off plate.
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