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    2002 Polaris Virage 800, stopped running

    I have a 02 polaris Virage 800

    took it out last Sunday ran good for about an hour stopped and was idol in and it shut off check battery with meter checked all cables fuses new sylonoid all it will do is click

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    Please clarify what happened. Did it stop running by itself, or did you shut it off?

    Now it will not start, correct?

    Does it still have the original start solenoid? The original would be black plastic with a metal backing plate.

    If it has not yet been replaced, they are known to fail and should be replaced. Replace it even if the original is still 'working' as they can fail internally at any time.

    The updated newer solenoid design is more reliable.
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    My 01 genesis did the "just click" trick and it ended up being the starter bearing was shot. New starter and all good.

    Now I have a diff issue to deal with

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