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    Time running on an hose

    I am sure this has been asked and answered many times, but I cannot find the answer. How long can you have an Jet Ski (2000 1100 STX DI) running on an hose. Assuming the engine is running cool is there an concern about the pump and/or the hull bearing not getting cooled?

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    you bet there are some concerns. once you see how TINY those ball bearings are that support the impeller shaft you'll be wondering what you are doing even running them out of water at all. Limit your hose running to no more then 5 minutes from a dead cold engine/driveline. Make darn sure you have enough water to reach the emm..even a minute without water will damage it if your battery isn't fully charged ( the voltage regulator is in that casing)

    hint..if you MUST run on the hose. hook up a garden hose ( a split works great here) to spray water into the drive shaft tunnel.

    I have a split to dribble water on the driveshaft seal of seadoos to allow me run them longer then most folks would..on a seadoo enough water comes out of the pump itself to keep the bearing cool, but I still watch the clock and rpm I'm running at. I typically use this when there is some sort of oil leak or charging system problem..otherwise the ski can go into the water tank. I've run then up to ten minutes with no damage that way

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    At least to my way of thinking, the only reason to ever run a ski on a hose is after salt water use. I see too many people causing more problems than they are solving by running on a hose. Flooded engines, messed up drive shaft seals, and pump seals, and for what? I personally have never run a ski on a hose. Hell, my city water comes from the same lake I ride in, so what's the point?

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