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    2013 FX Cruiser SHO need advice for a newbie. Thanks!

    I just bought a new FX Sho. I have not tested the ski out yet but have been reading a lot on the forms on how to modify to make it faster. I have done the free flow exhaust posted by Tommy Jordan and I want to thank him for the post. I am going to be doing a lot of ocean riding. I was thinking about doing the stage 2 performance kit compared to the stage 1 kit. I read on one of the post that said the E1 impeller puts a little more stress on the engine if doing ocean riding and Riva recommended the B1 impeller on the post. I called Riva today with the same question and they recommend I go with the stage 1 kit. He was saying that they didn't make an impeller for the engine and so he recommended the stage 1 DynaFly impeller. I compare the stage the two kits and I was wondering why I couldn't combine the two. I really do not want to buy the stage 1 impeller and when they come out with an engine impeller to have to buy the new supercharged impeller. Please help because I really do not know what each performance upgrade will do to the engine. I do not want to do any engine upgrades cause that is way out of my league. Your ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

    Stage 1 Performance Parts
    Part Description QTY Part # Info

    Pump Seal Kit 1 RY25050-1

    Stainless Steel Intake Grate 1 RY22050-1

    R-Series DynaFly Impeller 1 YS-DF-13/22R

    Performance Ride Plate 1 RY21050

    Stage 2 Engine Kit Parts
    Part Description QTY Part # Info

    Performance Power Filter Kit 1 RY13040E1

    Supercharger Impeller 1 RY17040-SCI-E1

    OEM Intercooler Upgrade Kit 1 RY17040-ICUK

    Performance Blow-off Valve Kit 1 RY17040-BV

    Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit 1 RY12040-IMUK

    Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit 1 RY12040-RRFPR-6S5

    Boost Clamp. 1RY11740-BC-6BH

    Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit. 1 RY10040-ECUK-I

    Engine Breather Upgrade Kit 1 RY19040-EBUK-1

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    Most people don't buy the stage 1,2,3 kits, they choose the components they want.

    Intake upgrade, power filter and r&d r3 reflash would probably be your best bang for the buck.

    If you still want more add an intercooler and higher boost impeller.

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    Thanks tun but I don't want to mess with the r3 reflash yet cause I don't know enough. Want to try to get to the mid 70's if possible without messing with ECU. Hoping to get some good ideas on what componets to get since I don't know what componets work good together.

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    If your ski is a 2013 the parts aren't interchangable with the previous model like the intake grate and ride plate, The stage 1 and 2 is for 2009-2011 model skis just be aware

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    +1 on your 2013 ski bieng different than the older skis so be careful when you buy things.the stage 1 kit for most people is good for low 70's but when you change the supercharger wheel alot of things are involved and it can get expensive.if you want to go 75+ and to keep the ecu happy this is what i would do.

    riva intake
    ribbon delete
    83mm venturi
    dynafly 15/22
    riva b1 wheel
    r&d powershot
    supercharger shaft
    type 14 intercooler
    tunnel reinforcement

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    I am going to give you another perspective here Rookie-Mod. First of all Congrats on choosing a good Ski! The Ski hasn't even touched the water yet and you are already talking some pretty hefty mods here. The speed / performance right out of the box is very good already; especially for ocean riding purposes. I understand the lure and excitement of having a 75+ mph Ski. But in the ocean it is very difficult to "reach and maintain" peak speeds like this due to waves, swells, general water chop, etc. Let alone the skill it takes to ride that fast in the ocean.

    I would spend some time on the Ski first, then think about Mods. In the ocean I think one should think about "handling mods" first. I think there are a few things that can be done handling wise to make the FX SHO even better in the ocean.

    If the Yamaha Extended Warranty is important to you (I do recommend it by the way), the Mods you are talking about here would void the Warranty . . .

    Again not trying to burst your bubble; mods are and can be good. And this Site is the place to find out, ask, and purchase. I would just spend some time on the Ski first and go from there. JB

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    +1 on what JB said, he's given me lots of great advice. I'd put at least 15 hrs on the ski to get past break in and get used to the handling of the ski.

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    Thanks for all the input. Had a vx crusier prior and did 50 in the ocean. What handling mods should I do John?

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    For serious off shore I would consider the following:

    - Hand Grip change. The Stockers are comfortable, but for faster riding in varying waters (like in the ocean) I think a more traditional hand grip would be better.

    - R&D Intake Grate. I think the stock grate is good, but more hook up will be realized with the R&D intake grate

    - Seat Cover. In the Scenario with alot of water coming over the bow, the stock seat cover can get somewhat slippery. More Grip would be realized with an aftermarket seat cover. I have a Hydro Turf sear cover and I have found that i can grip the seat better, which in turn, provides better handling via consistent body placement on the Ski.

    These three things, combined, will make a good Ski even better in the Ocean! JB

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    Thanks JB your input.

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