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    midrange bog on.. carb? heres some plug pics..

    Title should have said - Midrange bog on 96 gsx 787... carbs?

    96 gsx - just got it.. it was a project ski .. ski sat for 8 years.. bought new to me carbs from a forum member who built them and tuned them to a stock 787. entire fuel system cleaned and all hoses replaced.

    put these new plugs in the machine and started her up for the first time.. idled good.. started to die a little bit on the high end.. then gave me a little trouble low-mid range.. but idled good.. push the throttle past the bog and it seems as if it would "clean up" and go for a bit.. then die a little on the high end.

    here are some plug pics.. these plugs have about 5 mins on them.

    the real dark plug is the PTO plug - the other 2 pics are of the mag plug.. it was wet.. one pic was of the plug wet... the other pic is after i dried it off..

    any ideas on adjustments or if thats even the issue?

    Also- i had sprayed it with some fogging oil a few days ago when i had the carbs off ( sprayed right on the crank) since it had been sitting for so long.

    Pic on left is PTO - Middle pic is Mag plug AFTER i wiped the gas/oil off it, it was wet - Pic on the Right is the Mag plug Wet before i wiped it..
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    Not so much of a fan of 787 engines but by the color of the plugs I could think it maybe running lean??
    Looks like they are turning red. They should be more wet and darker look. What are the carb jet size ,needle ,springs and turns?

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    the first picture is what your looking for the other two pretty rich.

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