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    Question about reducer between pump housing and ski on 2003 Sea Doo GTX 4-tec SC

    I am a first time Sea Doo owner and I had to pull the pump to replace wear ring and change grease on my 2003 Sea Doo GTX 4-tec SC. Everything went smoothly and pump is now installed on the ski. When I hooked it up to the hose to make sure everything seemed to be working correctly I noticed that water is spraying out of the tabs on the red rubber reducer that goes between the pump and the housing. Is this normal or have I messed something up. If it is messed do I need to pull the pump and try again or will it be okay for this season?


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    Does anyone have any information on this please.

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    sounds like you did not get that red reducer back where it goes
    it should not leak there
    and there are 3 water fitting that need to go in correctly

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