I have a 2003 185hp SC GTX with a plastic pump and rear support bracket that I would like to swap out for a 2004 metal pump. I need your experiences of doing this please.

Firstly, which 2004 pumps will fit? Is the fit absolutely out / in with no other mods needed, all the bolt holes / seals line up?

Will the drive shaft spline on a 2003 fit into say a 2004 20/12 Solas prop?

My thought is to buy a 2004 metal pump, make a full 100hr rebuild with bearings etc, specific to the 2004 - add new wear ring and Solas prop and slot the whole pump straight in. (I have rebuilt 2004 pumps before, so I'm cool with that bit).

Finally, can I use everything that currenty existing after the outlet side of the pump - the cone with the red reducer for the exhaust cooling water passage - baler connections, OPAS connections etc etc.

Your thoughts and experiences would be very much appreciated.