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    Billet adjustable sponsons NEW- $160 shipped 5 sets available

    Went over to my buddies uncles shop to have him make an adapter to put oem mikuni 44s on an oem kawi 1100 manifold. anyways we got to talking with him for awhile and he pulled these out from back in the day when he had his zxi's. They are machined out of 6061 aluminum. He made himself a few sets then just made a bunch more I guess. So I told him I would help sell them.

    They have four holes for tuning the handling on your ski. Front back up down. These will bolt up directly to a kawi zxi hull but will go on other hulls with a few little mounting holes drilled in the hull after you remove the stock sponsons. I had to do the same thing when I mounted beachhouse sponsons on my gp800 a few years ago. No leaks and it makes it handle like a dream.

    No hardware is included

    5 sets available

    $160 shipped!

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    The dimensions are as follows.

    Sponsons are 17" long, 1/4" thick, and 3-1/4" tall.

    Mounting plates are 21-1/2" long, 3/4" thick, 1-7/8" tall. The are longer than the sponsons to allow for 6" of forward back adjustment for fine tuning your boat. The four holes on the sponsons allow for up down and a little more forward back adjustment

    Hope this helps! I can take specifc measurements if you tell me what you are after

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