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    1999 Yamaha xl1200 limited throttle Plate position

    Guys, Im trying to help my Brother with his 1999 Yamaha xl1200 limited We have completely rebuilt the engine New pistons, crank seals, carbs etc. we fired it up and the engine runs fine except for the fact that it wont idle down below 2500 rpms {Out of the water} even with the idle screw all the way out. the throttle valve butterflys are each open about 1/16 '' even when in the closed position. My question is are they supposed to be totaly closed as most are or do they have to stay partially open. Any help with this would be greatly apreciated.Thanks Blaine

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    I'm sure I'll get (gladly) corrected by those more knowledgeable as needed, but 2500 out of water doesn't sound outlandish (but I admit I don't know specs by heart). Remember when its in water its under load and idle will drop down by 1k or so, to around 1300.

    I dont have access to a manual at the moment. You need to see if other threads address this (search)

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    The throttle cable is adjusted wrong. give it more slack in the cable by adjusting the 10mm nut by the throttle bracket. the tension on cable is holding it in the open postition and not allowing the butterflys to close.

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