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    Help!! My 2006 honda FX-12X isnt hitting high RPMs anymore.

    I bought this ski used with 110 hours a few months back, and it was able to reach 64 MPH at 6200 rpms. Now I cant figure out why the ski will top at 55mph and only reaches 5400 rpm when pegged . It still has a smooth idle, and runs great otherwise. Since this problem began, I have changed the oil, spark plugs, and checked the air filter which looks brand new.

    I have a friend with the exact same motor in a Honda 2005 2 seater F12X turbo and his sees 6200 rpm and reaches 69 MPH with ease. What else could be limiting the RPMs that my motor is getting? What should I inspect next? Any ideas about the possible cause? any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    need to hook up a boost gauge......sounds like the wastegate solonoid is bad and only allowing 6-7 psi of can unhook wastegate hose and see if it overboosts and throws a FI light......that will tell you if the turbo is good

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