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    My recent details.....

    I've posted this other places, but since I've done a couple skis.....and both Sea Doo's figured I'd start posting some here too.

    I've been detailing on the side for 17 years now. I've done countless cars/trucks. I've owned skis in the past, but never really got into detailing them much other than my own recently. Had a buddy pick up a pair of skis, one he was just going to flip, but one he wanted me to clean up. Later decided after seeing his RXT X that he wanted the RXP also cleaned up to sell.

    Seadoo RXT-X

    They wanted the numbers ripped off since they are getting new ones. So off they went.

    Not exactly sure what happened here.

    Buffed out quite easily.

    Buffed out most of the scratches at this point, but haven't got pics of it all.

    All cleaned up atleast.

    Seat came out pretty good, not great.



    50/50 shot



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    Those on seadoo get to see this twice.

    Out in the sun getting a final wash before sealant.

    All done!

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    What I'm currently working on.
    Testing out a spot. Picked up a new buffer to try out on this one.


    More befores

    Black is pretty faded like normal

    After a mega cleaning. Actually doesn't look half bad. It'll get a full buff anywho and should look amazing!

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    That looks fantastic. Do you mind sharing what products you used?

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    Sure. I use an insane variety of products. My garage is literally full of detailing products/buffers/equipment for just about any task. With that in mind for buffing gelcoat I primarily use 3m Extra Heavy cut for badly oxidized sections, followed by 3m Finesse it II. For the black plastic portions that had fading/bad water spotting, as well as the chrome water spotting I used a product from Adams Polishes called Revive on their 4" buffing pads, and porter cable orbital buffer. For the hull I use a rotary buffer, which I don't particularly recommend for folks new to detailing. It's not for the faint of heart.

    For detailing cars I primarily use Adams Polishes. I use some of their stuff for boats/skis as well. FYI I have ZERO working relationship with Adams Polishes, and I am just an average customer of theirs. Don't want folks thinking I'm trying to peddle their products for my benefit.

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    Thanks for the advice. I am in the process of detailing my skis now. I have been using Meguiars Oxidation remover with a powerball but its not cutting it. Guess its time to go at it with a rotary and come coarser pads.

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    Looks like you do nice work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by troyheb View Post
    Looks like you do nice work.
    Thanks! My specialty is obviously cars/trucks, but I'll take on just about anything. Except for planes.......don't know jack about planes. HAH!

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    What do you use on the rubber mats and any textured plastic areas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlf2001 View Post
    What do you use on the rubber mats and any textured plastic areas?
    I treat it with a product called Super Vinyl Rubber and Tire made by Adams polishes. It's not a boat specific product, but has SPF 35 in it and has done well on my personal skis. It soaks in and dries to the touch. I'm interested on the longevity of it. If it lasts a few months that's plenty.

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