Hello all, just bought my first pair of Kawasaki's two weeks ago. Took them out once and had a blast. Took them out last weekend and tore up the 1100. These are my first jet ski's so keep that in mind please. I had been on it for about three hours when smoke began to come from under the seat and that dreaded electrical fire smell. I took the seat off and noticed a couple of wires that come from the front of the Ebox and lead to the front of the engine had burned badly. It is still getting power and turning over but I also noted that the battery (which was physically too large for the ski but proper voltage) had turned over and the terminals were both touching the top of the Ebox. I have not taken the Ebox apart yet but the main wiring harness looks OK and only the two group of wires I described were burned. According to the service manual it looks like they are stator wires. How difficult is it to get to the front of the engine to get that off and replace those? It looks like a PITA. I do have a service manual I downloaded but it doesn't show me the removal of the stator. I took a couple of pics I'll put up. And I placed the wires on top of the manifold for the picture and also removed the cap on the Ebox wiring just to see how it was plugged in. Thanks!!