My 2000 Virage was running and it started having issues starting. Now it won't start at all. The batt was showing low voltage so i replaced. I bought a new batt and it fired up. I ran it for 10 min just to make sure the stator was charging the batt and seemed good. The ski started every time I hit the start button so I thought it was just a batt prob. The next day I went to start it before I dropped it in the water and it would not start. The batt still shows good on the meter. I did some research on here and opened the electrical box. When I looked inside the gray wire from the CDI was unhooked and taped up with electric tape. Btw I bought this ski used. The ski was def starting and running fine with the gray wire unhooked. I took the tape off and connected the gray wire to a gray and red striped wire coming from outside the electrical box. Still no start. But i didnt try long cause i didnt have the water hooked up. And it made no sense to me. Why would someone disconnect that wire on purpose. Isnt it a pretty important ground wire. I also found another CDI in the front compartment. the previous owner told me he had the cdi replaced so I have both. Each has a different part number. The original is 4010381 and the one that is connected is 4010404. Is that the right CDI? Also the bilge pump is disconnected in the engine compartment. If I connect it, it runs constantly. Is that associated with a bad CDI. What's my next step?