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    1996 WR 3 stock carb screw settings

    just got this ski home, haven't heard it run, but got my fingers crossed hat its good internally - many questions - what oil should i put in that will enjoy being mixed with whatevers in there? (and be the best for this ski) - someone just told me blue/green outboard oil isnt for ski injection - not sure but i think this sled is a 650
    was a little concerned my seadoo is a lot more agile and faster (fun) than this "sort of trihull" but zero stability on the 580 without the motor running got old, too, so i pulled the trigger and bought this today- hoping for a downloadable manual for this sled
    how many hours average is this tankful of gas going to get me? i understand rotary valves sip gas compared to reeds
    49 degrees F today in mid michigan, spotty freeze tonight
    BTW, i think its silly for navigation lights to be illegal on these- the law says "get it home before dark"- well, what about if unforeseen circumstances disallow? seems not right -

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    lake odessa mi
    the woman i bought this from said her large golden retreiver used to ride in one footwell- thats pretty stable!!!

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