Hey guys! Proud to finally have a few skis of my own! I have now pulled the motor on my xp, fixing a front cover leak that took out my starter bendix by turning it into a rusted hunk. Picked up a new wsm unit. Main question was if anyone has run into the leak coming from the magneto wiring harness? There is a connector that goes through the flywheel cover which was in? Maybe use silicone? Any ideas?
My current list on that ski is the following:
Rebuild carbs,
Clean raves,
New intake for pump,
New Bendix,
Fuel filter,
Repair my Speedo

My other yamaha 97 760gp has an issue starting. I think its a fuel issue but im not 100% familiar with how the fuel and Accel pump works on one of these. However, we took the intake, filter and flame arrestor off and cranked on it, never saw any fuel flow. Thinking that it lost prime? I'm told either clogged filter, bad Accelerator pump, or the lines to the pump could be cracked. I'm also adding a prime kit to this unit. Am i on the right track?
My list on that one:
Primer kit
Carb rebuild
New accelerator pump lines
Fuel filter.

Any more suggestions on maximizing the fun on these this summer would be nice! I'm using guides i found here for carb rebuild and enjoying removal, thanks $so much for that!

I have photos of the xp gunk ill post later