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    Anything i can do to smooth out this rough ride?

    I know the GPR is not a comfort craft, but riding 2 up on a windy lake is beating me to death and damn near broke the wifes nose. trimmed up or down doesn't matter. Any tips to smoothing this out? GP1300r all stock

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    stager sponson ,r&d trim tabs or get older metal one and shim down 4mm use longer bolts,top loader OR get another ski for wife!

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    thanks. ill try the stagger first then tabs if I need more. Would a ride plate help or make thing worse?

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    yes a plate will help. which one is all personal preference. I like my riva plate adds a bit of speed and handles well

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    I like the idea of getting a second ski for the wife. She would love it I am sure.

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    I feel your pain, a shredmaster plate is your best bet for the rough but it will scrub a lot of speed. Honestly just stick with the stock plate for now it's a good medium. The riva/rd plate will work if you shim it a lot to bring the nose down and you really won't gain much top speed at that point. Add a grate and step your sponsons and go from there. Search rough water setups on here to see what others are running. If you want it to ride even better look in to a 3 degree nozzle from the XLT.

    Here is a good review on available plate options and will give you a good idea of what to expect from each one.

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    Get metal trim tabs & shim them down.

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    Stepped the sponsons last night and had a riva intake grate over nighted. still on the fence about tab choices and might just wait to see how it handles with what ive done so far.

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    I got a set of metal trim tabs . Pm me ur addy and pay for shipping and they are yours..i also agree on stepping sponsons and a shredmaster plate.....Bruce

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    Ride plate helps a lot. I run a Riva. Didn't get good reviews there but i run it with a Riva intake grate, nozzle, and Works sponsons. The shred master might be a better choice for you.

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