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    1996 gsx bog with youtube video! running out of ideas...

    1996 gsx - new to me ski.. ski sat for 8 years winterized... i pulled ALL fuel componets off.. cleaned the selector valve.. checked rotary timing while waiting for new carbs.. changed it to premix fuel..

    i ordered rebuilt carbs from a forum member and he set it to stock setting (high - 0 and low 1 turn out)

    compression is excellent
    new plugs
    fresh fuel and lines

    ski starts and idles fine 1500 rpms.. starts to step on it self when applying throttle.. if i really baby it and push thru it , i can get it to go up past 4 and then it runs quick and hard for a few seconds and dies down again.. does not stall.. starts and idles great..

    heres a youtube video of it..

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    Have you tested the ski in the water and not just on the trailer? Remember not to run it too long on the trailer.

    Here are some things to look at. Try them one at a time to see if your issue is solved:

    1. Pull off the spark plug boots and trim back the wires and put the plug boots back on. Make sure you are using NGK BR8ES plugs.
    2. Are you sure you put all the fuel lines back on correctly? Use a flashlight to see all the hoses at the top of the tank, there should be markings saying where each of them go.
    3. Open up the front electrical box and find the rectifier. It is the small square component with 3 yellow wires and one red one. Disconnect the red wire and do you test. You can run the ski on the lake for a short time without this wire attached, it just won't charge your battery.
    4. Are you sure the pulse line hose on the carbs is connected?

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