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    1995 polaris sl750 no spark

    I'm working on a 95 sl750. Replaced a burned out stator, cdi , starter solenoid.
    Ive checked the stator it shows good. Cdi was out of a working ski with bad engine.
    I've checked spark and it will throw a spark every now and then. I had to heat and tap puller with a hammer to remove flywheel, could this have knocked the crank out of align. If so what's the fix? HELP!!! About ready to make artificial reef out of it!

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    Is your lanyard securely installed when you try to crank? I have tested spark without the lanyard installed. It will throw out a random spark every now and then.

    I believe the only word of caution using head when removing the flywheel is that too much may damaged the front crank seal. Shouldn't throw the crank out of index. Even an out of index crank, I believe, would spark correctly. The piston position and stroke would be off so the motor wouldn't be happy firing, but you should still spark normally.

    Check that your kill switch is good. Should be open to run, grounded to kill. Try removing the black/yellow connection in the ebox from the cdi to the circuit board. Make sure you didn't accidentally connect the black yellow from the cdi to the black terminal in on the circuit board.

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