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    Do not buy from!

    Ordered a new OEM reverse cable for my Yamaha XLT 1200 on 17 May from When I received e-mail verification of my order, the FedEx tracking number they gave me was invalid. When I tried to call to discuss the problem I was put on hold for over 1/2 hour and never got to speak with anyone. I have sent them five e-mails over a four day time period with no response. I have made a complaint to Paypal in order to get my money back.

    AVOID BOATS.NET LIKE THE PLAGUE! If I had dealt with any other company I am sure I would have received my reverse cable by now, or at least some communication as to why I had not received it, or at least some communication of some kind. From I have received nothing. They took my money and left me high and dry.

    Just trying to help someone else avoid the problems I have encountered with this company. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH BOATS.NET!!


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    Sorry to hear that. I have purchased thousands through them over the years with no issues but one. I hope your case was isolated. I had an issue once a couple years ago, I sent an email and the next day I got a phone call from the president of the company.

    Good luck

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    I always order from Yamahasportsplaza, I placed a order lastnight actually. It's slightly cheaper then but I also heard they will price match. Sorry to hear about your problems, lots of members order from there will no problems and have said good things about them. The only downside I see with is you have to wait like 2 weeks to get the parts, but I'm sure they have to order them from Japan if its not in stock then ship it to me on the east coast.

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    Just get your OEM parts through the store. I've actually shopped around, and at the end of the day, the prices here are pretty good. Places like have the parts listed as cheaper, but they murder you on shipping prices. It usually becomes a wash.


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    never a problem with the other hand overtons is on my "do not call" list these days after some bogus behaviour...

    placed order(web)
    order confirmed(by email from overtons)
    order doesn't arrive, credit card never charged
    email about what happened to order
    no response to email
    bs answer from customer service manager ( I had to make a stink to get a manager to even call me back)
    bought the stuff ( piddly order actually, but I was going to make $50 on it for resale) from walmart, lost my profit
    overtons lost my business for the rest of this season(at minimum..I'll see how I feel next year)

    I've done business with overtons from the very first day I got my business license

    but I guess they don't care about a tiny little ski shop in the middle of new mexico

    So I can't blame somebody for a slam on at all, as I'm sure we'll hear from some folks who never had a lick of trouble with overtons.

    Everybody has a problem now and then...(me included) how the problem is dealt with is the key to customer retention

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    i have order many , many parts through , never a single incident.

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