Let me know what you need.

Use this link for pictures.


750SS deck lid-$10
750SS Cowling-$10
750SS fuel gauge-$15
750SS Grab bar-$5
750SS rear storage cap-??
750SS R&D Toploader-$25
750SS DG Extreme Ride Plate-$35
750SS drive shaft-??
750 carrier bearing assembly-$20
750 stock head (could be milled 50k, not sure as it has been sitting for 20 years)-$25
750 stock reed cages (2 sets) 1 set with CF reeds and one stock set-$35 for the CF set and $20 for stock reed set
750 R&D reed stuffers (1 set looks like a C)-$25 for the set
750 Reed stuffers (1 set plus one extra) not sure who made these. Composite material same as R&D-$20 each set
750XI steering/drop nozzle-$25
750SX nozzle shim (2 degree either up or down)-$20
750 stock flywheel-$10
750 Westcoast domes--Science project 46 degree domes. The 46's have been milled out and I can't recall what the results were. The volume looks similar to the 27's I had. -$20
750 stock pump-$80
750/800 SXR Skat prop 14/19 bent by Impros to 14/20. Great for a limited SXR. Mint condition, no dings. $150
1200 STXR stock prop. Like new, no dings.-$70
1200 STXR OEM handle bar/steering pad (rubber). Perfect condition. $10