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    2004 Gp1300r Powervalve issue Yes or No?

    Hey guys, my brother has a 2004 Gp1300r. Over the winter I installed wave eater clips. He carried it out on the water today (1st time this year) and he said it would accelerate and sputter off and on. He had waked out to the big water for about 1/4 mile and once he reached the big water he tried to accelerate. He said the ski would accelerate then sputter over and over. He said when it sputtered it would stop so that it made you feel like it was going to throw you over the handlebars. He said the water was rough and he was by himself so he did not "push" the issue. He waked back in and loaded the ski up. My question is, if the powervalve operation is not right or the couplers were bad would that cause that issue? As I was snapping the clips in I pushed down on the PV's so I didn't know if this issue sounds like powervalve issue. My ski is an 06 so I don't have experiance with PVs. One last piece of info is that the last time he rode it was August of 2012. I told him to siphon all the gas out and refill. He siphoned only about 1/2 tank out and then refilled. It may be a gas issue. What are your thoughts. I am just paranoid that I might have somehow pushed the PV's out of sync when installing the clips. Thanks for your input. I just did not know what the symptoms are when pv's are not working properly.
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    Doesn't sound like a pv issue but more like a fuel issue, bad gas

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    Doesn't sound like a PV issue to me either. You will just lose power at either the high end or low end if the PV is in the wrong position and not changing. When you startup and shutdown, they cycle so the controller "knows" where the PVs are. His issue sounds like either bad gas, or a problem with a clogged fuel filter, flapper or fuel valve.

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    Thanks fellows. I appreciate the input. Not having a PV ski I hadn't ever had to work on the PV's so when I put the waveeaters on his ski during the winter and now it runs rough I was just paranoid I had gotten something out of sync. I didn't know how a ski would react with a PV issue. It really sounds like old gas to me also. He siphoned half out and filled up with 8 gallons which means he probably left 8 gallons in the ski. The 8 gallons that was left is like 10 months old so that probably is the ethanol. He now is getting all the gas out. Maybe refill it with moonshine? lol. Thanks again.

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