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    Just bought an 04 RXP. Have some questions.

    Hey everyone,

    Just bought my neighbors 2004 RXP for a steal. He sold it to me with trailer for $2500. It has roughly 42 hours on it before it went in to storage for the past 3 years. It has been kept in the garage here in Florida. Battery was completely dead so we put a brand new battery in it and it cranked on the 2nd try. Gas had been drained before storage so we filled it up with a fresh tank of 93 octane. I know of the supercharger issues with the ceramic washers and I already have that on my list of things to do before I take it out on the water as well as a oil & filter change. The only problem I have is I am in search of a replacement gauge cluster as it does not power on at all. Ski runs fine but no power on the analog gauges or the lcd screen. Does anyone have one they are selling used? Also need a new reverse handle. Also any help with what I should check or service before I take this thing out for the first time would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    The 2004 are prone to exhaust valve failure, especially in a salt water environment in which the ski has sat idle for awhile. The fact that it was sitting, I would change out the exhaust valves to be safe. I just did it as a precaution on a 2004 sportster I recently purchased. Don't mean to scare you, but I purchased many seadoo's over the last few years that suffered that fate. $2500 is a really good deal on a running rxp. Unplug the gauge and clean all connections and check the fuses. If it appears ok, there is a good possibility it is just a bad connection some where.

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    Just had exhaust valve failure on a 06 rxt that was sitting for 2.5 yrs..
    It'd say change them or your probably going to wish you did.

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