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    Thumbs up sxr 800 running like crap please help someone reply thanks

    im new to this forum stuff but someone anyone please help im on my last straw w this ski real quick my sxr ran perfectly but i noticed some sand in the tank i removed the tank and while i did that i cleaned the carbs and put it back together it starts up fine idles but breaks up kinda like it on the limiter or just missing on top from the bottom its fine but once wide open it missess i even went and rebuilt the carbs thinking it was a diaphram or sumthn put it back and the same thing idk what it could be i stumped plese help call me if ud like 561 339 seven five one nine thanks justin

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    You've asked this question 3 times!!! Stop it!!!

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    if you haven't, try trimming your plug wires, also check that your getting water flow through your temp sensor.
    and check inside your electrical box for water and corrosion

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    thanks for the help im going to trim the wires so u dnt think the coil

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    Try the wires first and if you can borrow some boots if it still does it

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    thank u so much trimmed the wires and now it gets spark just fine i left the rear ones alone bc it was sparking fine i ran it about 6 diff times only for about 3-4 minutes at a time when i was trying to fix it and the whole time it was the stupid simple wires do u think the front cylinder piston is ok i mean it still was getting gas just not firing i checkd the compression during the few times i took it out and it was on par i havent put it in the water yet but i have a solid feeling its fixed will try to tmrrw thanks again

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    thank u for the help i did the wire trim and now it gets great spark simple fix to a problem that stumpd me thanks again

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