Sort story I had craft serviced (plugs oil change etc) Ran perfect prior no isues ever but son was coming and did this t ensure he not stranded out on ocean. Took out to water after servicing and would not start. Jumped with car battery and yes car was running (oops). The cables were +/+ and -/- and we heard crack sound and saw sparks. Battery bubbled as we pulled cables. Fried the eyelets off the the cable.

So now at home connected cables to +/+ and -/-. I get no display of course as this does not light until started. It cranks over and I hear fuel pump running. I had a blown 30 amp and replaced the fuse, tried again. Zip. Cranks but acts as if not getting gas and verified adequate gas in tank. I cannot run diag with no display correct? Any ideas on what steps are next to try and figure out? I hope not the ECU? Anyone else have a fix? Is here some safety mechanism that may have tripped to protect ECU? Voltage regulator fried maybe? Any ideas please would be appreciated. I cannot afford the dealer costs and am hoping I have not toasted the machine.

Thank you for your assistance. ( I am not a mechanic so please speak in laymans terms lol)