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    Cool compression test Zxi 1100 MY96-97

    Hi all Did the compression test and I ll go through the process first and then the results just so you ca cross check with you if the process is correct. Now first all spark plugs attached to the earthing bracket on top of the cdi box, with a fully charged bat and the trotlle fully open starting the dead cold engine for nothing more than 5-6 sec and got the following readings:1rst cyl 115 psi 2nd 117 psi 3rd 121 psi. According to the shop manual compr. should be within the bracket of 95-150 psi? should I do a overhall or should I just run through this summer. Gas used is unleaded 95 and oil from pump is castrol 0utboard 2t. any ideashttp://http://?

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    Sounds just fine to me.

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