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    2007 Kawi STX 12F... Clogged oil cooler

    Anyone have any recommendations on how to unclog sand out of an oil cooler?

    I bought the machine used...and never had enough water pressure coming out of the pisser on the hull unless I was running it on a it did overheat while I was on the lake. (I shut it off immediately..and got towed back in).

    I think the water lines are about 80% plugged..I tried air...but still not clearing up, though...some air does come through the other side. I even tried to use a very long tie strap to dislodge some of the packed sand. It does not seem long enough to break the clog.

    I don't think there are any chemicals that are safe on rubber and strong enough to break up clogged sand.

    Any suggestions?

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    Try removing the water lines from the oil cooler and blowing compressed air through them. If it does not clear the clog it should help you narrow down where the clog is at.


    Replace the lines completely. There is not a lot of room to work, but it can be done without removing the manifold. I had to do it on my STX-12F, because one of the line split and nearly sunk my ski.

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    I did try to blow compressed air through the oil cooler. The clog IS definately in the oil cooler. If it was in the lines, that would be a peice of cake.

    I am just wondering what other people have tried...because compressed air is still not going through.

    Perhaps I will try brake cleaner..

    Has anyone put sand filters on the intakes of their Kawis'?

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    most of us dont ride in sand to warrant it, i ride a ski not a dredge

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