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    New wear ring - impeller won't fit

    I know I've seen another thread on this somewhere but couldn't find it in a search today. I have an 08 GTX Limited with X charger. 42# injectors, Fizzle 4" front air intake, and Solas 15/20R impeller. I sent my impeller to speedfreeks to have it re-pitched and the setback mod done. While I had the impeller out, I got a new wear ring from my local dealer. I double checked the part number to be sure and it matches up with what I've found on the forum here. The wear ring is gray in color. I put my impeller housing in the freezer for about 25 minutes and the old white ring came right out. New one was a bit resistant to go in, but I stuck it in the freezer for a bit then got it started and tapped it the rest of the way in. Now, I can't seem to get my impeller to go inside!? I've currently got the housing sitting outside in the sun... any other ideas? I'm afraid I'll either bend the blades on the impeller and/or beat up my new wear ring just trying to get it in.

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    Alright, after letting it set in the sun, I brought it back in and was able to give it a couple taps with a rubber mallet and it fell in the rest of the way. Seems it just had trouble getting started.

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    Start the ski in the water or spray lube in the impeller area before first start up or you will more than likely ruin your new wear ring in short order.

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    Spray WD40 or something into the wear ring/impeller area? It will definitely be started for the first time in the water. The impeller would spin relatively easy once everything was in place and torqued down. I could hear a slight rub every so many turns though.

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