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    Hi need some help guy new to the game plz help

    Ok so . I know this form is real big and got lots of info . But i can Find out how to tell if my sc of my 03 gtx seadoo is a 03 or 04 i know 1 got them killer washers but the 03 dont how can i tell if i can Get some pics or info it would really help me out . Thanks guys

    my sc is red so i know is a 03 or 04 ,right?
    and if is a 03 them washers dont come in it ,right?

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    The last two digits of the HIN are the model year.

    If someone has been changing parts then the links above would be a more accurate way of determining which charger you have.

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    In so fucking worry free. Thanks guys thanks alto
    So were can i Find the 03 rebuilt kit for the sc ?

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    If it still has ceramic washers DON'T RIDE IT TILL THERE CHANGED.
    Also if your doing the washers then change the bearings if they go it can be very expensive to fix.

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    Well thank god its a o3 so i have no washers so..... I just need a rebuilt to the sc

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    use the kit with the 17 tooth gear and im sure you will have to use the 3 washers as spacers between the charger and mag cover.

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    Wats the difrence with the 17 Tooth Gear?

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    A 185 hp ski uses 17 teeth while a 215 ski uses 16 teeth on the charger. Unless u change flywheels stick with the same as what's on the ski now.

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