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    polaris msx 110 vs 150

    what exactly is the difference from the weber 110 hp and the weber 150 hp engine? I have a 150 that needs a rebuild and need to know exactly which parts are not interchangeable. any help would be appreciated.

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    I am not a Weber expert, but the 110 and 150 numbers are just model numbers, not actual HP ratings.

    Do you have a donor 110 engine you want to swap parts from?

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    The engine internals are the same, the difference in HP is in the ECU programming and accessories.
    To convert a 110 to 150 you need the ECM, intercooler and blow off valve. It goes without saying you would nned to changer the impeller as well to get the most out of it.
    I think that is it.

    You need the stickers well!!

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    Everything is the same... except ECU programming, intercooler, intake hard pipe (w/ or w/o BOV), and impeller... and stickers!

    Quote Originally Posted by summary from desperado
    110/150 Differences in detail:

    ECU calibration:
    Boost map:
    MSX110 tops at 11psi @ 7,000rpm , then boost decreases gradually between 7,000rpm to 7,500rpm.
    MSX150 tops at 14.5psi @ 7,250rpm, then boost decreases gradually between 7,250rpm to 7,500rpm, then decreases more aggressively between 7,500rpm to 8,000rpm.

    Fuel maps: MSX110 fuel calibration is richer across the entire 4,000rpm to 7,500rpm range. Low speed fuel calibration is fairly similar for both skis.

    Air temperature compensation maps: calibration is different from one ski to the other. This has to do with the different efficiency rating of both intercoolers.

    Pedal Position versus load reference values: throttle flipper to ETB movement is calibrated differently from one ski to the other. There is no difference from 70% throttle to 100% (wot) on the MSX110. The MSX150 utilizes the remaining 30% throttle flipper movement (however, not fully linear to ETB movement).

    The MSX110 has a low cost steel impeller optimized for a 7,000rpm @ approx. 10psi boost.
    The MSX150 has a Skat Trak SS impeller optimized for approx. 7,300 @ 14psi boost.

    Blow off valve:
    The MSX110 does not have a Blow off valve (BOV).
    The MSX150 has a Blow Off Valve which is a genuine Bosch 25mm rated @ +16psi. This BOV is similar to oem automotive on SAAB, Audi, VW & older Porsche 924.
    The aluminum intake tube between the intercooler to the ETB is different on both skis because it is where the BOV is connected.

    The MSX110 has a tube based copper, low efficiency, intercooler.
    The MSX150 has a tube & fin based aluminum, high efficiency, intercooler.

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    thank you very much guys the info is very helpfull

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