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    Help! Error code 13 on 2003 gp1300r

    hey guysso i was on my gpr this weekend and i noticed a drop in power on the jet ski and the alarm started going off. so i held the button on the das and it gave me error code 13. i know that its pickup coil malfunction but where are the pickup coils? ive read other threads and ppl say theres 3 of them in the electrical box. i just want to know if this is a common problem and how to fix and get my ski up and running again!!

    any help is great!


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    they are inside you stator on the front of the engine. i'm sure you will be able to find a good use one on here from a good member. just replace the whole thing.

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    also check the connector at the electrical box near the battery , make sure it does not have any corrosion on the terminals.

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    What does it look like? Is it # 21 on the electrical diagram??

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    Ok so I checked both of those. The pickup coils were fine. Are the pickup coils connected to the ignition coils? What else could it be?

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