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    help please sxr 800 having issues with spark

    the rear plug gets spark fine but the front one willl spark then not spark on and off in the water it misses really bad up top what could this be please any answers

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    Assume you changed the plugs, then you need to trim the plug ware back a bit and reinstall in the plug boot. They tend to break down inside the boot. Are you sure its spark and not a fuel issue?

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    It's really irritating when people post the same question in several places on this forum.

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    thanks for the feedback im going to try it yes i rebuilt the carbs to the c this is what got me i did that and i tested for spark the old fashioned way and thought i saw good spark but it was cutting in and out when i put the nice spark tester i could see it clear as day that it was sparking in and out so u dont think the coil is bad like i said in my other posts it ran great never any issues thanks again

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    i just replyed to this and dont know if i hit the send button so dnt kill me thanks for the help and i sorry for posting multiple times i was only trying to get feedback as quickly as possible ima try the wire thing thanks again

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