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    i know its bad to have your ski out in below freezing weather but..

    I was reading an article in the watercraft superstore mag and their is a show where people are riding in the ice cold waters. Is that not bad for a ski to be in waters that cold? Serious question, doesn't make sense to me

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    I've had mine out in pretty cold water. I always let the engine warm up quite a bit before I do any wot runs (up to 15 minutes). I don't think it hurts the engine as long as it is warmed up enough. Just make sure you're prepared to take a swim if you have to (wear a good wetsuit and neoprene boots). Doesn't take long for hypothermia to set in at those water temps. And if it was me, I'd never go out in that cold of water alone.

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    I wonder what your face feels like after having freezing 60mph wind on it while your out there.

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