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    Cavitation issues, how bad does this impeller look?

    I've got some cavitation after a friend borrowed the jet ski and claimed he fell off of it into some weeds. I wasn't there so I don't know the whole story. I had replaced the wear ring ~6 months ago, still running the original impeller.

    When I took the pump off, this is what I found for the wear ring and impeller (15 pictures of the impeller, wear ring, and pump):

    For reference, this is how the impeller looked ~6 months ago before I replaced the wear ring among many other things:

    Now the wear ring I have on there now is toast I assume from the pictures, despite it being relatively new.

    I already have a new one ready to go in the pump, but I'm wondering if the impeller is still good, or does it need to be replaced? I don't want to waste money on a new wear ring if the impeller is just going to chew it up as well.

    If you look at the two albums above, it was slightly chewed on the outside previously, but seems a little worse now. The inside seems to have taken a beating and is bent slightly on each of the fins.

    Also, what about the pump itself? There was a small nick or two on the bronze pump fins previously, but I believe it's acquired a few more. Is there anything to worry about this?

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    Wow, yea replace the wear ring, prop and use a files and take the nicks out of the bronze pump. Make sure you also put a good seal of black RVT between the pump and hull as that is also a source for cavitation.

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    that prop is unacceptable

    I send mine to sbt. come back looking like new.

    file the pump as directed.

    your pal caught a rock..often found in the rootballs of water weeds

    wear ring looked ok. those black plastic coated ones fail dramatically..the entire plastic parts tears apart and you get about 2% normal thrust

    get the prop work done first if money is tight..then the wear ring if you're not happy with the thurst levels.

    Sealing the pump to ski joint is important, but I have never needed to apply rtv is the factor seal is in place and in good condition.

    I pull lots of pumps off and find the factory seal was "left out" by the "last guy" or pinched on install and somewhat flat spotted

    typically with duct tape wrapped around the driveshaft/impeller joint

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    What he said, wear ring is not too bad prop needs a professional repair. Depending which coast you are close to I have had good look with Impros in Southern California.

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