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    Won't Run After An Hour

    Posting for a friend-- so no details, but thought I'd ask around

    It will start and run for an hour or so. Once stopped, it won't crank again. Couple of weeks ago, , they got it towed back (couple of hours ride...). Got it back on the trailer and it started. This weekend-- same symptom but this time it wouldn't crank at all.

    Its been in the dealer three times. Nothing round wrong. No codes. Its got a new battery this season.

    I asked if they'd checked the charging voltage at cold and after its run a while-- They said they thought the dealer would have checked that (*polite HA !)

    Bad spot on the starter motor ?
    It's odd that it sometime starts after its cooled down--

    Suggestions on what else to look at ?

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    You should at least post what year and model ski......

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    Honestly, he should get on GH himself if he wants to have people spend their time and effort in helping him. Did it once and was a time waster. Lots if info missing before having a place to start.

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    sounds like its seizing at hight temp... year, model, more info

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