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    98 seadoo GTXL cutting at high RPM

    so guys i had the ski do something very odd today. i am thinking it may be something with using a smaller battery for the day while waiting on a new one to come in. But after about 1 hour of riding it and nothing really crazy i took it for a couple full throttle runs. i averaged 6800-6900 on the first few runs and it was running fine. it had a little bog on the low end but i blame this on a little heavy premix for the first runs on the year. on the last few high speed runs, it would get up to 6700 and hold for a few seconds then just lose power. i would hold on the throttle and it would catch again at about 4000 rpm and run normal. any ideas of whats going on? i didnt think it was a fuel issue being it runs great other wise. i am kinda leaning towards the electrical being i was using a slightly smaller battery for today. also the ski has proks, primer, and jets.

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    also forgot the maintenance light comes on the display so i went through everything all seemed fine. the way it just cuts off seems electrical because it never bobbles or starves like its needing fuel. will be putting the correct battery on today and see what it does.

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    To make sure if it's not electrical issue run a charging test and report back

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    951s that bogg at wide open scare the hell outta me. Pull the raves, and look at your pistons. Hopefully you won't see any siezure. I don't think the wrong size battery would cause what you are describing. Having a loose battery terminal, or bad electrical connection could cause your problem.

    When was the last time the carbs and selector were cleaned, or rebuilt? Still running the stock fuel lines?

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    #1 i dont care how it ran before the bogg, clean your carbs! i have my 951 XPL run for a few hours then start bogging and running like crap. it did that every time i took it out, pony up the time and pull your carbs. also, check your ground wires leading to the front of your engine on the MAG cover. i had mine come loose, but it only lost connection at higher rpms (rougher riding)

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