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    Beached My 2012 RXP-X and 2012 Wake 215 Today... What did I likely Break?

    Hey Guys! 1st time on this forum, but I spent the last 3-4 hours reading before asking..

    Hit a Sand Bar with Both my Ski's Today. The RXP-X Wont move at all, and had a check engine light/said it was running hot. I shut it right off. The Wake 215 Will move, but sounds funny when you give it gas, and it BARELY accelerates.

    I cant be the first person to suck up sand What did I do/What should I check?

    Thanks for all help!

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    Update.. Took off both Intake Plates, and both impellers Had Stones Stuck on them. As crazy as this sounds, the impellers didn't look too messed up. no huge knicks or anything. The wear rings have some grooves tho. Think they will ride? or need new wear rings first?

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    You should check you intercooler it might have some debris inside and thus reducing the cooling capabilities. That is how you get the warning light.

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    Well I figured it out. Prop had Rocks STUCK in both of them. I broke the rocks up with a screwdriver and a hammer. Took them both out, and They rode perfect I'm sure the wear rings have some groves, but they seem to ride just fine.

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    If there are no temp alarms your ok

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