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    FYI Nose cone ect holes

    Copyed over from another topic

    You should be fine running with out it and gain speed the ultra150 had splines going in to the front of the prop just like the rxps do I put a lot of hrs on that with no problem.

    It also had two 5/8s holes at an angle going through the pump shoe that were oblong for some strange reason. Never did cause cavation in rough or smooth or on take off.
    Never saw any pump prop burns erosion from it either o yea kawai has been running holes in the pump shoe since 1997 10 years with out burning up pumps zxi hadem too. but caint rember how they were

    Only reason I did not do it on the zxi it was .7 slower. nose cone

    . course I never tried it on an rxp dont have one. Carry on. need a thumbs up here.
    man that zxi I had was a hole shot monster too ultra was no slouch at 3 sec o to 60. way back then

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