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    Windshield Help

    I dont know if this is the right spot for it but, I have a 2007 SeaDoo Speedster 150 and wanted to put a challenger like windshield across it, would that be possible? Im open to ideas also. I would like it tinted and black preferred to match the boat better.

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    i have looked into the whole thing for a friend, i didn't see any possibility to do it, but if you bring it to a shop, they might have an idea and make something custom.
    best i have come up with , is using a hood type deflector used on an UTV, i cant remember if it was made for the RZR or the BRP commander.

    in short, it was a a formed piece of plastic, used as a windshield, for one, you could also get one made to fit an ATV and attach it ( something sleek). but it will only be for the driver.

    I could not see or get anyone to design a windshield to look remotely close to the look on the challenger.

    Best bet is, sell it, and get a challenger...

    last option i can give you, is wear a helmet

    If you do get something to work, keep us posted.
    hope i helped.

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    It is possible but very expensive since you'll have to extensive modifications to the dash area to do it. I was quoted 5000$ for the job. Plus you'll lose the spotter seat if you put in a windshield leaving 3.

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