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    Unhappy gp1200r parts on xl1200 limited & gp800r rebuild help!

    i just got into jet sking this year and have failed miserable. first i bought a 2000 gp1200r with a rod threw the motor. then i bought a gp800r with 1 cylender burned up . so i still had 2 cylenders good off the gp1200r. put it on gp800r after cleaning it, it started up ran then blew again. didnt put the ring clips in 1 side of piston . head and sparkplug got damaged. so i found another jetski real cheap a 99 xl1200 limited. with 30hr. same problem the rear 3rd cylender was burned up .. so i said 0 hey i am going to use my last good cylender and piston to fix this 1!i had to change the power valve connection and put the wheel this cylender , i was told these cyclenders were interchangeable. welll i took it apart cleanded it (exhaust was a pain in the but btw). put it together started sounded fine , took it to lake got it up 2 about 55 then it shut down.let it cool down, then started it agian,ran good then shut down, did this a few times. took it to shore no compression on 3 cylender again, looks like piston hit park plug on this 1 also.i dont see how the thats possible unles it heats up and extends . im guesing piston hit spark plug and head on both these skiis do to no fire to repel them away???? im pretty shure i need to tear down again and rebuild carbs.? and start all over . im getting pretty good at tearing these engines apart . haha anyone have any advise or parts they wana sell me or advise me to buy???? i could sure use the help

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    where are you located?

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    fort worth tx I drove to Houston to get the gp800r lol

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    first off, 1200R cylinders will bolt on a 800R motor, but wont work properly (different port timing)
    99 XL1200 motor is same as 1200R (66V)
    If the piston hit the head, most likely the crank is bad (probably big end of the rod went out)

    sounds like you need to find out what blew all 3 motors before you go hanging anymore cylinders on them. lol

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